“The single most remarkable thing I had ever seen”

Son comments on the immediate difference he saw after the first dose of his father’s anti-TNF treatment. This video documents the unprecendented rapid improvement that may occur after initiation of treatment at the INR. Includes video both before and after treatment and discussion by the patient’s wife and son.

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Individual results may vary. Continuing maintenance treatment is necessary to maintain the clinical response. Some patients do not respond. Additional doses may be needed for optimal benefit. Anti-TNF treatment for this indication is off-label. The method of local anti-TNF treatment utilized for these patients is a patented invention of the INR. Please see the Terms of Use.U.S. patents 6419944, 6471961, 6537549, 6982089, 7214658, 7629311, 8119127, 8236306, 8349323, and 8900583 all assigned to TACT IP, LLC; and Australian patent 758523. Learn more on Wikipedia regarding Dr. Tobinick.

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