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You agree that the following disclaimer, which is more complete than the brief disclamer on the individual webpages of this website, shall be the full legal disclaimer that shall govern the use of any information obtained by you from tobinick.com. Individual results vary, not all patients respond. Additional doses may be necessary to maintain the clinical response. Treatment is innovative (“off-label”). The medical information on this website is for educational purposes, to provide general information regarding certain new research developments in medicine. In the interest of public eduation several of these developments have been reported here as soon as possible after their publication. The information on this website should not be considered complete, nor should it be relied upon to establish or suggest a course of treatment for any particular individual. Although efforts will be made from time to time to update this information, it cannot be considered to be up-to-date, but rather to be only a partial report of the medical and research information available at the time this was written. The opinions presented on this website are subject to change, and should not be considered to be a treatment recommendation for any individual patient. Please note: INR medical providers utilize etanrcept for a limited number of off-label indications, including chronic post-stroke neurological dysfunction. INR medical providers do not use etanrcept for treating Parkinson’s disease, brain tumor, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Treatment recommendations can only be made in the course of an established physician-patient relationship following an in-person physical examination, medical history, and review of medical records. The information in this website should therefore not be used in place of a visit to your physician. Consult with your personal physician before beginning a new treatment regimen. You, the reader, take sole responsibility for interpretation and application of the information in this website. Mechanisms of disease remain incompletely understood and subject to constant revision as medical knowledge is developed. Medical opinions differ, and no representation is made that the information on this website represents current medical opinion or the standard of medical care. See California B&P 2234.1(4c): “Since the National Institute of Medicine has reported that it can take up to 17 years for a new best practice to reach the average physician and surgeon, it is prudent to give attention to new developments not only in general medical care but in the actual treatment of specific diseases, particularly those that are not yet broadly recognized in California”.

All medications have potential adverse effects. These side effects must be weighed against the possibility of beneficial therapeutic effects with regard to treatment of the underlying illnesses in question. Biologic TNF inhibitors have been associated with serious adverse reactions. Readers are referred to the prescribing information available from the pharmaceutical manufacturers for more complete information. This is generally available in the patient handouts accompanying the medications; from pharmacies; in the PDR; and on the manufacturer websites. The treatments used at our medical clinic are generally for clinical disorders for which currently available treatments are either ineffective, only partially effective, or associated with other adverse effects. Neither our medical providers, nor any of our employees or agents can guarantee that treatment at our clinic will result in clinical improvement and will not result in adverse effects. The information included in this website is for general informational and educational use only, and is subject to change pending the results of additional studies or additional clinical results reported in the medical literature. The information contained in this website is not meant to substitute for the opinion of the patient’s personal physician, and should not be construed as a treatment recommendation. Treatment recommendations can only be given after an phone or in-office consultation by an INR medical provider. Any recommendations regarding treatment must be viewed in the context of the treatment literature and discussions which take place during the consultation by one of our medical providers, with particular consideration to the fact that many medications used at our clinic, while FDA approved for other uses, have not received FDA approval for the off-label indication selected by our medical providers. Please note: INR medical providers utilize etanrcept for a limited number of off-label indications. INR medical providers do not use etanrcept for treating Parkinson’s disease, brain tumor, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Off-label status of a drug or biologic means, by definition, that this medication has not been endorsed by the FDA to be either safe or effective for this off-label use, even if the medication has been FDA-approved for other medical uses. PSE for treatment of stroke, brain injury, back or neck pain or dementia is off-label around the world. Although randomized evidence supporting efficacy of epidural etanrcept for sciatica has been published, there is not randomized evidence of efficacy of PSE treatment for neurological disorders. We cannot guarantee, nor do we mean to imply, by any of the information in this website, that any single medication will necessarily lead to clinical improvement if administered for any given new patient. Screening, consultation, or physical evaluation at the Institute of Neurological Recovery does not guarantee that treatment will be recommended or undertaken by the Institute medical providers. Treatment decisions will be made individually. Contraindications to medical treatment at the Institute may be determined at any stage in the evaluation process, even prior to medical provider physical examination.

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