Rapid neurological improvement 45 years after traumatic brain injury

A patient with chronic traumatic brain injury discusses his rapid clinical improvement following treatment at the INR in Los Angeles 45 years after  being struck by a car at age 6.

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Disclaimer: Individual results vary, not all patients respond. Continuing maintenance treatment may be necessary to maintain the clinical response. Anti-TNF treatment for this indication is innovative(“off-label”). Please see the Terms of Use. The method of local anti-TNF  treatment utilized is a patented invention of the INR. Issued and pending U.S. and foreign patents, including, but not limited to, U.S. patents 6419944, 6471961, 6537549, 6982089, 7214658, 7629311, 8119127, 8236306, 8349323, and 8900583 all assigned to TACT IP, LLC; and Australian patent 758523. Learn more on Wikipedia regarding Dr. Tobinick.