Australian Government designates funds to advance Perispinal Etanercept stroke research in Australia

News Release, October 8, 2018: The Australian Government will invest $1 million to improve recovery and rehabilitation and help stroke survivors back to work. The Government package includes $750,000 specifically designated for funding a clinical trial of the innovative Perispinal Etanercept Stroke Treatment in Australia. “The project will enable more Australians of working age who have had a stroke to access new innovative and cutting edge treatment options to aid their recovery.”

Perispinal etanercept for treatment of chronic post-stroke neurological dysfunction is a treatment method invented and developed by Edward Tobinick M.D., Medical Director and Founder of the Institute of Neurological Recovery.

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Australian Minister for Health Press Release announcing Perispinal Etanercept research support
The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Minister for Health, Australia