A New Life

 “The advancement of scientific knowledge is an uphill struggle against ‘accepted wisdom’ ”  Howard Wolinsky, Paths to Acceptance

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Once in a lifetime a singular event may occur that changes one’s life. Linda’s experience is an inspiration to all of us. Her remarkable transformation highlights the promise of this new therapeutic approach, developed at the INR. For the millions of individuals around the world carrying a burden that medical science previously could not adequately address, these results represent new hope. Additional video footage, including recordings not previously released to the public, is available here and here.

At the INR, our medical providers have worked for more than a decade to develop innovative methods for helping patients in need. The INR is pleased to champion and pioneer this new way to improve health and well-being for our patients and families around the world.

Learn more. Please read our published scientific articles (e.g. article 1article 2). This is emerging science that takes years to achieve widespread scientific consensus. The scientific rationale is supported by published, scientific articles written by independent academic scientists (e.g. article 1, esp. p. 1015article 2). Read a news story about others we have helped, here.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment for screening or consultation, please call the INR in Florida at (561) 353-9707.

The INR is pleased to make this therapeutic approach available for selected patients. Individual results vary, not all patients respond. Treatment is an innovative off-label patented invention of the INR. Additional doses may be needed for optimal benefit, please see the Terms of Use. These unprecedented clinical results rely upon the Institute’s patented TransBarrier® drug delivery methodology, covered by multiple issued and pending U.S. and international patents, including U.S. patents 6419944, 6537549, 7214658, 7629311, 8119127, and 8236306, assigned to TACT IP, LLC and Australian patent 758,523.

We sincerely thank Linda and her family for their permission to present her remarkable story to the world. For those interested in viewing more complete scientific documentation, following is the additional video footage that published with the peer-reviewed, published scientific article, Clinical Drug Investigation. 2014 May;34(5):361-6These videos more fully document her severe expressive aphasia, apraxia and motor difficulties that had been constant and intractable for years prior to treatment:

A Life Restored – 3 Years After Brain Injury

Video above filmed at the INR in Boca Raton, Florida January 21-27, 2014.

Published version: Length: 10:58

Scientific Version: Length 45:32

For further scientific information, please see the INR Scientific Publications, the Scientific Citations and the Scientific Rationale. Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. Not all patients respond. Treatment is off-label. Additional doses may be necessary to maintain the clinical response. Please see the Terms of Use.